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Jennifer Betit Yen is an actor, writer and recovering attorney of Chinese, French and Irish descent. She speaks English and Spanish (although someday maybe she will learn to speak Gaelic, French and Mandarin). Born in New York City and raised “all over the place,” Jen studied Government and Theatre Arts at Cornell University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree. It was excellent preparation to become a waitress in Washington, D.C., however, Jen instead opted to head to Boston for law school, where she graduated with honors and ranked 7th among her entire class her final year. She credits any academic success to her ingestion of massive amounts of caffeine.

While in college, Jen worked as a newscaster for WVBR-FM, as a dishwasher, as mailroom staff, and as an ice cream server. While in law school, Jen advanced to working as a research assistant and had a (very) brief stint working in retail. That experience convinced her she never wanted to work retail again. Ever. She also continued to act in everything from theatre to industrials to voiceover.

Following law school, Jen took a position as an attorney in the business litigation department of a major law firm and also continued to act on the side (shhh, don’t tell anyone). When a feature film she had a leading role in made the festival circuit, Jen promptly experienced a quarter life crisis, left her job and moved to LA. She even bought a red car – ok, so she already owned the red car, but it sounded good, right? While in LA, Jen performed for East West Players and on the FX show, “Dirt,” and in FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted.” Don’t worry! It was a re-enactment episode. She also voiced the “sporty, bouncy and outspoken” character of “Avery” on the series “The Beacon Street Girls,” and wrote, starred in and produced the Accolade Award winning web series “La La Land.”

Although she loved LA, Jen returned to New York for personal reasons (sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?), where she continues her work as an actor, runs a company to help promote children’s literacy (MyJennyBook) and is the President of the Asian American Film Lab, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion and support of gender and ethnic diversity in film and television. Jen launched the Film Lab’s newest production arm, AAFL TV, in the summer of 2013. In her spare time, Jen boxes, runs and bakes pies. Truly. She really does.

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