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Stewart R. Mott

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Stewart Rawlings Mott was born in Flint, Michigan on December 4, 1937. His parents were Charles Stewart and Ruth Rawlings Mott. In 1926 Stewart's father, General Motors' largest stockholder, established the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation aimed at strengthening community life in Flint, Michigan. The remainder of his wealth was distributed among his children in the form of trusts, Stewart being one of the six.

Stewart's philanthropic career began with the family foundation. When his ideas for reordering the priorities of the foundation were rebuked, he struck out on his own to fund his personal philanthropic position: population control and arms control. "At age 18 I realized that two problems confront planet earth that dwarf and aggravate all conventional problems: namely the threat of nuclear war and the continuing worldwide population explosion. Coming to grips with these realities, I decided to dedicate my life to help find solutions to these two problems through public service in philanthropy and politics."

Stewart lived most of his life in New York, where he married Kappy Wells in 1979. The couple had one child, Samuel Apple Axle Mott.

Stewart shared his time between his home in New York and the Mott family home in Bermuda.

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