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Web Extra: Dennis Lehane - gentrification

From Episode: Dennis Lehane, John Banville

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Original tape date for episode: November 26, 2013.

Dennis Lehane talks about gentrification, crime, and his use of these in his novels.

Dennis Lehane on facing past

Dennis Lehane talks about the inescapability of one's past as a major theme in his work.

Dennis Lehane on plot

Dennis Lehane on how much he knows about what will happen before he begins writing.

Dennis Lehane on immigration

Dennis Lehane talks about immigrant culture and the pursuit of the American dream.

John Banville on Seamus Heaney

John Banville tells a funny anecdote about Seamus Heaney and Joseph Brodsky.

John Banville - Beautiful Noise

John Banville talks about the influence of noisy children playing outside his window.

John Banville on art's purpose

John Banville talks about writing life as it actually feels and his disregard for psychology.