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Web Extra: Enda Walsh reads from his work

From Episode: Roddy Doyle, Enda Walsh

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Original tape date for episode: December 3, 2013.

Enda Walsh reads a short scene from his play, "The New Electric Ballroom."

Roddy Doyle on Irish-America

Roddy Doyle talks about the relationship between Ireland and America.

Roddy Doyle on "Irish writing"

Roddy Doyle talks about his relationship with the label of "Irish writer."

Roddy Doyle - Children's Books

Roddy Doyle talks about the difficulty of writing for children compared to adults.

Enda Walsh on why he writes

Enda Walsh talks about "not authoring anything" and how writing is like acting.

Enda Walsh on writing "Once"

Enda Walsh talks about the fun he had writing the Broadway musical, "Once."

Enda Walsh on being OCD

Enda Walsh talks about dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder and its effect on his work.