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Web Extra: Paul Muldoon reads Hedgehog

From Episode: Billy Collins & Paul Muldoon

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Original tape date for episode: December 19, 2013.

Paul Muldoon reads his classic poem, "Hedgehog."

Billy Collins on The Lanyard

Billy Collins talks about how one of his most popular poems, The Lanyard, came to be.

Billy Collins on finishing

Billy Collins addresses the question of how to know when a poem is finished.

Billy Collins - Negative Press

Billy Collins talks about his poem, "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes."

Billy Collins on Poetry in USA

Billy Collins talks about being poet laureate and the role of poetry in America.

Paul Muldoon - Writing Advice

Paul Muldoon offers suggestions on how to go about writing a book of poetry.

Paul Muldoon - Disliking Poetry

Paul Muldoon talks about the problems with how poetry is commonly taught to young people.