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Web Extra: William Kennedy - House Tour

From Episode: William Kennedy & Pete Hamill

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Original tape date for episode: January 22, 2014.

William Kennedy gives us a tour of his house, photos, and tombstone from the Ironweed film.

William Kennedy-"Gabo" Marquez

William Kennedy talks about interviewing Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude.

William Kennedy - Publishing

William Kennedy on the state of the publishing industry and how it has changed over time.

Pete Hamill on Tabloid City

Pete Hamill talks about the themes of his novel, Tabloid City.

Pete Hamill - Future of News

Pete Hamill on the future of journalism, why it isn't going anywhere, and what it takes.

Pete Hamill - First Writing Job

Pete Hamill on his first job as a writer, working at a Greek magazine called Atlantis.