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Web Extra: Mary Beth Keane - Thievery

From Episode: Kevin Barry & Mary Beth Keane

Web Extra Details

Original tape date for episode: January 27, 2014.

Mary Beth Keane talks about being surprised by her own character's thievery.

Mary Beth Keane on Work

Mary Beth Keane talks about her interest in the subject of work and having a sandhog dad.

Mary Beth Keane - Ireland / US

Mary Beth Keane talks about her father's secluded, untouched hometown in Ireland.

Kevin Barry - Scarf Tradition

Kevin Barry reveals a secret tradition among Irish writers - the bestowal of the scarf.

Kevin Barry - Modern Ireland

Kevin Barry talks about how Ireland has changed to become home to countless ethnicities.

Kevin Barry Reads

Kevin Barry reads a passage from his book, Dark Lies the Island.