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CUNY TV Digital Series Presents Ancient Art Links - Season 2

Beginning Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Beginning Tuesday, June 5 (2018), CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES will present the second season of  "Ancient Art Links," a four-part web-only miniseries dedicated to exploring history via stories and profiles of ancient art treasures. The series aims to bridge an information gap between members of the general public and art historians and to become an entertaining and enlightening way to reflect on the past and the shared links that join civilizations and humanity.
Ancient Art Links will premiere a new episode each Tuesday in June on, Youtube (, and Facebook (
Episode # 1 - Art of The Ancient Americas (available June 5)

This episode features the landmark exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum-The Golden Kingdoms- Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas. The show followed the Golden Road, from the ancient Andes in Peru 3000 years ago, up north to the Aztec Empire in Mexico in the 16th Century. It features 300 pieces of Pre-Columbian art from 52 lenders in 12 different countries, along with new archaeological findings. These exquisite objects cast new light on the ancient Americas civilizations, exposing the destruction of the Conquistadors, restoring their glorious history to native Americas' descendants.
Episode # 2 - The Ritual Art of Nepal (available June 12)

"The Ritual Art of Nepal" features the Metropolitan Museum exhibition "Crowns of the Vajra Masters: Ritual Art of Nepal". The Asian art curator John Guy gives a brief tour; five beautiful priest crowns, and other ritual Art objects are highlighted. He details the unique Buddhist tradition in the Kathmandu Valley, related to the lost Buddhism of Ancient India.

Episode # 3 - Chinese Hardstone Carving in the Qing Dynasty (available June 19)

"Chinese Hardstone Carvings in the Qing Dynasty" features 80 artifacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These colorful jade carvings, hardstone snuff bottles, and thumb rings belonging to Manchu rulers reflect the world trade that flourished along the Silk Road. Beautiful images reveal the ancient carving technique as well as today's newer jade carvings.

Episode # 4 - Chinese Landscape Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum (available June 26)

This episode explores China’s thousand-year-old landscape painting tradition. Metropolitan Museum of Art Assistant Curator of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Joseph Scheier-Dolberg leads a guided tour through the galleries, including Landscapes of Poetry, Landscapes of Magic, and Landscapes of Reclusion. These treasures reflect the Daoism views that humans are tiny compared to the majesty of nature and that only mountains and rivers last for eternity.

Producer Ou Quan
Ancient Art Links' producer Ou Quan is a passionate history and art researcher. A Chinese native with early experience at Beijing Television, she earned an MFA from Brooklyn College/CUNY and was a tenured post-production supervisor at the college for seven years.  An experienced editor, she has been nominated for a New York Emmy six times.  In addition to editing, she has also served as associate producer or co-producer on a variety of CUNY TV series as well as outside projects.  Her current title at CUNY TV is Post Production Manager.
CUNY TV DIGITAL SERIES is developed and coordinated by Emmy Award-winning producer Jose Luis Orbegozo under the supervision of Susan Iger, CUNY TV's Director of Programming, and CUNY TV’s Interim Executive Director, Gail R. Yancosek.