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Brooklyn College Meets "60 Minutes"

The logo and ticking stopwatch are familiar – but who are those college kids on the 60 MINUTES set?

Welcome to BROOKLYN COLLEGE 60 MINUTES, premiering on CUNY TV on Monday, Sept. 10 (2012) at 9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM; repeated Saturday, Sept. 15 at 4 PM; and viewable online after the premiere..

CUNY TV is cablecast in the five boroughs of New York City on Ch. 75 (Time Warner and Cablevision), Ch. 77 (RCN Cable) and Ch. 30 (Verizon FiOS).

Featured in the hour-long broadcast is a 20-minute interview with CBS News Chairman/60 MINUTES Executive Producer Jeff Fager, followed by three student-produced stories in the 60 MINUTES format.

The special is produced by Stephanie Palewski, a veteran 60 MINUTES editor, who was invited to teach a graduate course two years ago by Dr. Frederick Wasser, Chairman of the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College/CUNY. In the spring of 2011 and 2012, students taking the course, “Analysis of the Television News Magazine,” produced six stories, three of which are included in the broadcast. Introductions to their segments were taped on the actual 60 MINUTES set.

Jeff Fager – interviewed by Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, a reporter for both CUNY TV (Science & U!) and CBS This Morning, as well as a producer for 60 MINUTES – speaks about the culture and history of the award-winning broadcast. Fager talks candidly about:

• The legacy of Mike Wallace;
• The skills he believes are necessary for a career in journalism;
• How stories are selected – and rejected;
• What kind of young people he is interested in hiring;
• What “news-speak” appears on his internal Forbidden Words list;
• His favorite 60 MINUTES story;
• And many other behind-the-scenes insights into the most popular news magazine in broadcast history.

Following the Fager interview, graduate Andrew Falzon (who Fager describes as “a naturally talented broadcaster”) leads with a story about Zeitgeist, a self-described social activist group. Despite roots in a trilogy of seemingly unrelated films released on the Internet, Zeitgeist’s goal is to live in a world without money and to use technology for “basic human needs.” (Falzon is now a contributing correspondent for upcoming episodes of CUNY TV’s Study With The Best.)

The second story, “Controversial Medicine” with graduate Christina SanInocencio as correspondent, is about epilepsy and the use of medical marijuana to reduce or eliminate seizures. Featured in the story is Greg Campbell, author of “Pot, Inc.” as well as Tim Dagiau, a Colorado student who believes his seizures were virtually eliminated by medical marijuana. The dilemma: federal classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug prevents testing and further analysis of potentially useful empirical data.

The final story, “Taken For A Ride” with graduate Laura Alix, looks at shadowy anticompetitive practices within the prospering tour-bus industry in New York City.

BROOKLYN COLLEGE 60 MINUTES is a production of Brooklyn College and CBS News. Executive Producer is Stephanie Palewski. Director is Alicia Tanz Flaum. Correspondents are Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, Andrew Falzon, Christina SanInocencio, and Laura Alix. Producers are Stephanie Palewski, Dan Allen, Allen Berry, Shauna Woods, and Matt Clarke; Associate Producer, Katie Kerbstat; Broadcast Associate, Maria Lutzen.