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This edition: Crazy Medicine (Southeast Asia); Peru's Buried Treasure; Mongolia: The Twilight of Reindeer Herders

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Original tape date: September 1, 2008.


In South-East Asia, opium cultivation has declined over the last 10 years by an astounding 82 percent. But countries across the region are now tackling a very different drug threat -- one that could be even harder to eradicate.


The potato is a humble, common vegetable. But it is so important to the world's food supply that this has been designated The Year of the Potato.... People all across the globe make this versatile vegetable a regular part of their diet. Its story begins in a mountainous corner of Peru.


It is estimated that half of the world's 7,000 spoken languages will vanish within this century. With them, cultures and knowledge accumulated over thousands of years are in danger of dying out. We take you now to a remote corner of Mongolia where the fate of the "reindeer people" has tribal elders deeply concerned.

Host: Daljit Dhaliwal.

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