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This edition: Paraguay: Julio and Jorge; Yemen: A Wave of Weapons; Morocco Rights

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Original tape date: December 1, 2008.


Behind closed doors of psychiatric institutions in many impoverished countires, too many children and adults with mental disabilities live their lives in suffering and isolation. Shut away, they are denied their right to a dignified existence. We travel to Paraguay to follow the parallel stories of Julio and Jorge, two autistic young men, who have suffered at the hands of a system that has failed to understand and protect them.


Yemen, situated on the Arabian Sea, is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is also home to a tidal wave of weapons. This story takes you inside a bustling arms trade where the statistics are staggering and the consequences devastating.


A little-known story of a nation coming to grips with its secrets...and its pain. Morocco -- once terrorized by a repressive regime -- has been facing its past and forging a new future. Thousands of victims of horrific human rights abuses speak out in unprecedented televised public hearings...with remarkable results.

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