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This edition: Dancing For Peace In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo; Bolivia: Unlocking A Nation's Bounty

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Original tape date: January 17, 2012.

Dancing For Peace In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

In The Democratic Republic of the Congo, millions have died and hundreds of thousands of women raped since a civil war began there more than a decade ago. But amid the violence, is a group of people determined to use the power of dance to spread a message of peace. We take you on stage with the National Ballet of Congo who hope their work will inspire change.

Bolivia: Unlocking A Nation's Bounty

The vast salt flats of Bolivia, just beneath its surface lies one of the most sought after minerals in the world. Nearly one half of the global supply of lithium - a key ingredient powering electric cars, cell phones and laptops - is found here. But can this poor country, with a centuries’ old history of having its mineral wealth exploited, actually realize its potential... before it's too late?

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