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This edition: The Maras: A Gang's Reign Of Terror; The Roma: The Road To Inclusion; Migrants Risking It All: The Journey From North Africa To Italy

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Original tape date: February 22, 2012.

The Maras: A Gang's Reign Of Terror

They’re called the Maras…. A gang identified by their menacing tattoos. Having unleashed a wave of violence across large parts of Central America, their reign of terror is now spreading even further… and leaving thousands fearing for their lives.

The Roma: The Road To Inclusion

The Roma - known around the world as Gypsies. Theirs’ is a long and painful history of being excluded...often denied their rights. And, that discrimination continues today, forcing many to live in poverty. We travel to Europe, where one extraordinary group of Roma is fighting to ensure that painful legacy ends with them.

Migrants Risking It All: The Journey From North Africa To Italy

Imagine risking your life - and that of your family’s - all for the dream of a better future. This is exactly what tens of thousands of courageous refugees from North Africa did, seeking refuge and safety after the revolutions known as the Arab Spring. Most came to Italy's shores, but they're finding achieving their dream is more difficult than they ever imagined.

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