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This edition: Afghan Migrant Akhtar's Story; Greenland: The Lookout for Nuclear Explosions.

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Original tape date: January 29, 2013.

Afghan Migrant Akhtar’s Story

This episode of UN 21st Century tells the story of desperate people driven from their homes by wars or poverty, and one woman who is striving to become the region's first black president.

Greenland: The Lookout for Nuclear Explosions

At a remote outpost in Qaanaaq, northern Greenland, one operator runs an infrasound station year round which detects atomic activity. It's part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test- Ban Treaty or CTBTO's network of sensors that monitor the globe for violations. Now a committed team of engineers brave the elements to upgrade the infrasound station to ensure high quality data that could save lives in the event of disaster.

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