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This edition: Realms of Light - The Baroque

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Part 1. The Baroque in Italy and Austria
Part 2. The Baroque in Spain and The Netherlands
The direct emotional appeal of the Baroque style inspired by the Counter-Reformation is epitomized in Bernini's "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa," filmed on location in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome. In a very different vein, Caravaggio's naturalism, with its depiction of sacred events in homely, every day terms, shocked the public. Austrian and Spanish rulers use art to promote their spiritual aims: Velazquez merges courtly atmosphere with artistic challenges to produce ambiguous, many-layered works such as "Las Meninas." In the Dutch Netherlands, freedom, and new bourgeois values also found expression in art. Rembrandt's works both fulfill and transcend the demands of new merchant patrons. while his portraits penetrate the inner truth of their subjects.

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