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This edition: Season 1, Episode #4

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 30, 2005.

On this episode of “Art or Something Like It!,” “things outside the skin,” Baron, Charles Basman, and Dara Bratt come on the show to discuss their artistic talents.
Charles Basman lives in Long Island City and is a painter, usually working outside and with oils. He discusses the passion he has for art, the motivation he has for creating art, the way nature inspires many of his pieces, as well as his current and past projects, such as his work in the Botanical Gardens.
Baron is a spoken word artist, lyricist, and performer in Manhattan. He discusses his plight for equality concerning race, gender and sexual orientation, the confidence he gained from performing and preaching his positive message, as well as his future performances and what he hopes to achieve.
Dara Bratt, originally from Canada, came to New York to get her Masters in Film from NYU, and to become a film director. She discusses the risks she took by leaving her home to pursue her dreams, her recent documentaries and her political views, as well as her plans to make it big within the film industry.
“things outside the skin” is an artistic project that borrows from many different fields of art in order to create an omni-genre project that speaks to many different tastes. It is described as “everything” and showcases many different sub fields of art, as well as portrays humanities’ many flaws and the world’s problems.

Guest List

Baron Spoken Word Artist

Charles Basman Painter

Dara Bratt Filmmaker

things outside the skin Musician, things outside the skin