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This edition: Season 1, Episode #6

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 13, 2005.

On this episode of “Art or Something Like It!,” Langhorne Slim, Gisela Sanders Alcantara, The Green Circus, and Eddie Alfaro come on the show to discuss their artistic skills and inspirations.
Eddie Alfaro is an artist, focusing on drawings and paintings. He discusses how he limits himself to grow by refining his older works, the abstract ideas he explores through his projects, and the way he uses space and lines in order to create his drawings.
The Green Circus is a performance art group that focuses on present environmental issues occurring throughout the world. The group focuses on a fantastical way in which to express their goals to improve the world through environmental changes, they focus on renewable energy and resources in order to educate and motivate people to make the world more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Gisela Sanders Alcantara is originally from Mexico City, and came to New York in order to obtain her Masters in Film and pursue her dreams within the film industry. She discusses her film in which she documents her family, interviews some members, and also allows the audience to see where she came from and the people she grew up with.
Langhorne Slim is a musician in New York. He talks about his first song and early musical memories, his views that are expressed in certain songs, as well as his search for success in the music industry.

Guest List

Eddie Alfaro Visual Artist

Gisela Sanders-Alcantara Producer/Senior Editor

Langhorne Slim Musician

The Green Circus Performance Artist