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This edition: Season 1, Episode #7

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 21, 2005.

On this episode of “Art or Something Like It!,” Gene Coleman, Doron Altaratz, Angel Eyedealism, and Igor Zusev come and talk about their artistic talents and inspirations within New York.
Igor Zusev is a photographer and graphic designer in New York. He talks about his time in the NAVY traveling all over the world and his home country Russia. He gets a lot of his ideas for photography from his past travels and his origins from Russia. He also explains his different styles of taking pictures and the opportunities he has been given.
Angel Eyedealism is a singer, mixing many different types of music to create an unique sound, and a painter. She prides herself on her originality, and wants the world to become more creative and inspired to protest and reform.
Doron Altaratz is a visual artist, focusing on video art and installation art. He is originally from Israel and came to New York due to the opportunity and talent within the city. He uses 3D software and many other visual techniques to create art that has meaning and purpose.
Gene Coleman is a Soprano Saxophonist and flutist. He used to be a sound mixer and so considers himself to be an improvisational composer. He enjoys recording, playing music, and creating art.

Guest List

Doron Altaratz Film/Video Artist

Gene Coleman Musician

Angel Eyedealism Performance Artist

Igor Zusev Visual Artist