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This edition: Punk Rubber Chickens or Blending Sticky Yarn

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 1, 2007.

In this episode of everyone's favorite television series about artists, “ART or something like it!” takes you deep into the bowels of Blend Films where we dissect the creative thought process of Emmy nominated animator/ artist Patrick Smith. Next we get an insane dose if comedy magic variety show antics from performer Magic Brian. Then we will travel from New York to Mexico in the incredibly detailed Yarn Paintings of Fulbright Scholar and artist Robert Forman. And finally we end up on 14th street in New York City with the legendary rock of the Baghdaddios. This episode has so many creative juices flowing in it you might need a flotation device before its over. So, sit back relax and enjoy the show!

Special guests:
Gregory Barsamian, Chris Rozzi, Kenn Rowell, Phil McAughk, Neil Richter, Mark Burnham

Guest List

Baghdaddios Rock Band

Magic Brian Magician

Robert Forman Yarn Painter

Patrick Smith Animator