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Latest edition: February 2017

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Original tape date: January 13, 2017.

First aired: February 3, 2017.

In this special edition, we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the “Day of Remembrance,” the internment of Japanese American citizens in the United States, also known as Executive Order 9066 during World War II.  We share the untold stories of Japanese Americans who were either interned themselves, or had family members who were forced to relocate into internment camps in the United States.

Reporter Ernabel Demillo hosts this special from the Noguchi Museum Exhibit “Self Interned, 1942: Noguchi in Poston War Relocation Center.  She shares the stories behind the art of Isamu Noguchi.

Guest List

Tom Ikeda Executive Director, Densho

Madeleine S. Sugimoto Daughter of Artist Henry Sugimoto

Grant Ujifusa Author & Legislative Strategist, 1982-1992, Japanese American Citizens League

Theodora Yoshikami Seabrook Farms

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