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This edition: March 2016

Episode Details

Original tape date: February 12, 2016.

First aired: March 4, 2016.

Host Ernabel Demillo reports on the challenges of breaking the glass ceiling in the tech industry. You’ll find many Asian American engineers and computer programmers in the industry, but very few in the board room.

Reporter Kyung Yoon explains the importance of computer “coding” and how one woman is leading a science revolution, preparing young girls with coding computer skills that will help them with careers in technology and engineering.

Reporter Minnie Roh shares the hottest new sports app that highlights everything you need to know in 120 seconds.

Reporter Mike Gilliam explains how one blood test dongle and app is saving lives in the U.S. and in developing countries.

Reporter Paul Lin explains the next steps in internet technology - it’s not WIFI, it’s LIFI, light fidelity, high speed wireless communication.

Guest List

Zuri Harvell Program Participant, Girls Who Code

Wesley Hom Vice President of External Affairs, Ascend

Chieh Huang CEO and Co-Founder, Boxed

Mike Kim Host, 120 Sports

Grace Meng Congresswoman, U.S. Congress

Prof. Vinod Menon Professor, Department of Physics, CIty College/CUNY Graduate Center

Samiksha Nayak Graduate Research Assistant, Columbia University

Reshma Saujani Founder & CEO, Girls Who Code

Dr. Samuel K. Sia Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

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