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This edition: July 2016

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 10, 2016.

First aired: July 1, 2016.

Paul Lin reports on one of the most popular transportation lifestyle trends, cycling with bamboo bikes.  He interviews the founder of Bambike, an Asian American who returned back to Manila to start a business building bamboo bikes. It’s so popular even President Obama and other world leaders have one!

Kyung Yoon interviews actress Ann Sanders who created a buzz on Broadway for stepping in the lead role of Anna in “The King And I.”  

Ernabel Demillo reports how the workforce at museums and art organizations nationwide don’t reflect the diverse population they serve.

Korean Pop, also known as K-pop has made its way from Seoul to New York, thanks to pop star Psy’s "Gangman Style" billboard hit.  Now it’s all the rage here in New York and in other cities worldwide.

Guest List

Candice Anderson Executive Director, Cool Culture

Munju (M.J.) Choi Owner & Dance Instructor, I LOVE DANCE Studio

Frankie EXP Band

Jasmine Greene K-Pop Fan

Hunter EXP Band

Bora Kim Artist, Sociologist and Founder, EXP Band

Koki EXP

Andrea Louie Executive Director, Asian American Arts Alliance

Bryan Benitez McClelland Founder, Bambike

DJ McIver K-Pop Fan; Student, I LOVE DANCE Studio

Ann Sanders Actress, “The King and I”

Sime EXP Band

Mingyang Sun Teaching Artist, Rubin Museum of Art

Melissa Zhang Education Coordinator, Chinatown Family Explorers Club, Cool Culture

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