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This edition: November 2016

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 14, 2016.

First aired: November 4, 2016.

Immigration is a hot topic this election year. Host Ernabel Demillo talks to one man who found himself in the hot seat championing immigrants' rights, journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas.

The U.S.A has been the land of opportunity for immigrants, but many of the children of these immigrants are returning back to their parents homeland for work. Reporter Tinabeth Piña talks to one expat living in India about her journey.

New York is full of interesting ethnic cuisines, Reporter Kyung Yoon explores a new startup helping refugees bring their food to your home.  

Reporter Minnie Roh meets the world’s oldest master yogi who’s an award winning ballroom dancer, a filmmaker, an actress,  and a WWII resistance fighter who marched with Gandhi.

Reporter Paul Lin profiles artist Collette Fu who creates the world’s largest pop-up books, combining photographer, bookmaking and sculpture.

Guest List

Colette Fu Artist

Manal Kahi Co-Founder/CEO, Eat Offbeat

Henrietta Lewis WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Professional

Tao Porchon-Lynch World’s Oldest Yoga Instructor

Rachel Reyes Director of Communication, Center for Migration Studies

Satakshi Rimal Kitchen Manager, Eat Offbeat

Juan Suarez De Lezo Chief Culinary Officer, Eat Offbeat

Jose Antonio Vargas CEO, Define America

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