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This edition: December 2016

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 10, 2016.

First aired: December 2, 2016.

In this special edition, we trace the roots of where your favorite Chinese food and dishes came from and look at the hottest Asian American food trends in the country.  

Ramen Noodle is the world’s most favorite comfort food and they’ve been gaining ground here in the U.S., popping up in every town, city and state.

There’s a Chinese restaurant on every street corner, and the proliferation can be traced back to one historical event in American history.

After years of taking a backseat to other Asian foods in the culinary world, Filipino cuisine is finally taking off and restaurant critics are giving it a 5 star rating.

What was once considered the national dish of Korea, is now the darling of the global culinary world.  

Guest List

Ellen Blau Kimchi Expert

Yana Gilbuena Traveling Chef and Founder, SALO

Peter Kim Executive Director, Museum of Food and Drink

Heather R. Lee Historian and Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nicole Ponseca Founder and Owner, Maharlika

Kenshiro Uki Co-Founder, Ramen Lab

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