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This edition: October 2017

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 8, 2017.

First aired: October 3, 2017.

Asian American women are digitally savvy trendsetters according to the latest Nielsen Report that is telling marketers this is the consumer group to watch. Reporter Kyung Yoon reports on why Asian American women are becoming leaders in digital technology.

Affirmative action in higher education has always been a hot button topic and the debate continues now with Asian American groups leading the charge. Reporter Minnie Roh looks at the history of affirmative action and how it benefited Asian Americans. But times have changed, including the demographics of the country, and many scholars feel we need to look at the whole picture, including race and socioeconomic needs of all people.

This month for Filipino American history month, Reporter Ernabel Demillo looks at the life of philanthropist and community activist Loida Lewis, the former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. She’s one of a handful of women to run a Fortune 500 corporation. While she may be retired from the daily business of running a company, she’s still keeping busy with several new ventures.

You never know where you’ll discover the next hot artist. Reporter Tinabeth Pina goes underground to find “Magic Ming,” a paper portrait artist on the New York City’s subway platform.

Guest List

Mariko Carpenter Vice President, Strategic Community Alliances, Nielsen

Loida Lewis Philanthropist, Chair & CEO TLC Beatrice, LLC

Ming Liang Lu Master Paper Portrait Cutter

Joyce Moy Executive Director, Asian American / Asian Research Institute, CUNY

Julie Zhan Actor & Dancer

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