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This edition: March 2018

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Original tape date: February 16, 2018.

First aired: March 6, 2018.

The Story of New York City can be told in many ways, through its streets, boulevards, and buildings, but most importantly through the stories of its people, including generations of new immigrants who arrived on the Lower East Side. Reporter Minnie Roh visits the The Tenement Museum “Under One Roof” exhibit.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic group in America, and that’s news to some people. But if you click through American TV Channels, you won’t see many Asian Americans reporting the news, and the chances are the ones you do see are women, not men. Reporter Kyung Yoon looks at the lack of representation of Asian American men in broadcast news.

Alcoholism is a hidden problem in the Asian American community. Reporter Mike Gilliam reports on the risk and health issues associated with alcoholism, and how alcohol anonymous is combatting this disease.

In a world furnished with mass-produced goods, Miya Shoji, a small shop in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood goes against the grain by continuing the Japanese tradition of carpentry. Reporter Rayner Ramirez looks at the artist behind the woodwork.

AzN PoP! is the first and only all female Asian American comedy pop group in the East Coast. Reporter Ernabel Demillo went behind the scenes with the funniest women in comedy and entertainment.

Guest List

Angie Chuang Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Colorado Boulder

Maya Deshmuhk AzN PoP!

Hisao Hanafusa Miya Shoji

Zui Hanafusa Miya Shoji

Iliana Inocencio AzN PoP!

Ramy Inocencio Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg TV

CeFaan Kim Reporter, WABC News

Kat Lloyd Director of Programs, The Tenement Museum

Vasudev N. Makhija, M.D. Psychiatrist and Founder, South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network

Anna Suzuki AzN PoP!

Alison Wong Former Tenement Resident

Ann Marie Yoo AzN PoP!

Caroline Yu Former Alcohol Anonymous Member

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