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This edition: Special Edition on Asian American Hidden Communities

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 4, 2018.

First aired: June 5, 2018.

Jackson Heights, Queens is a neighborhood in constant flux as older wave of immigrants make room for new. According to the latest census, Jackson Heights is home to people from more than 50 countries speaking some 20 languages. One of the new immigrant groups to settle in Queens are the Nepalis. Corespondent Kyung Yoon visits their cultural center and restaurants to learn how this population is changing Queens.

New York has one of the largest Filipino population in America. While the majority are Christian, little is known about the Muslims here, that is until now. Host and Correspondent Ernabel Demillo shares the history of Filipino Muslims and how they’re keeping their culture and tradition alive.

Sikhs are one of the most visible immigrant groups in the U.S. They’ve been quietly integrating and their communities are cropping up in all four corners of our country. Professionally they are breaking through glass ceilings, earning merit based positions - all while they hold true to their identity and core values. Correspondent Minnie Roh explains why Sikh communities in New Jersey are growing, and how they’re impacting political and social change.

Staten Island has one of the largest concentration of Sri Lankan Americans in the United States. Correspondent Rayner Ramirez visits this community and talks with the first Sri Lankan resident of Staten Island, as well as the first Sri Lankan museum and restaurant in the borough.

Guest List

Pabitra Dash Organizing Fellow, Adhikaar

Leslie Gunaratne Former Staten Island Resident

Bhante Kondanna Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk, Staten Island Buddhist Vihara Meditation Center & Healing Garden

Inteshar Mohammed Tradition Bearer, Kinding Sindaw

Nirosha Premasiri Staten Island Resident

Malaika Yasmin Queano Kinding Sindaw

Nabin Sherchan Restaurant Owner, Mustang Thakali Kitchen

Sharmila Sherchan Restaurant Owner, Mustang Thakali Kitchen

Urgen Sherpa President, United Sherpa Association

Harpreet Singh Toor Chairman, Public Policy and External Affairs, The Sikh Cultural Society, Inc.

Julia Wijesinghe Founder, Sri Lankan Arts & Cultural Museum NY

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