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This edition: Clash of Titans

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Episode Details

The first of three programs in which nuclear physicist and host, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, tells the story of the greatest scientific discovery ever - the discovery that everything is made of atoms. As scientists delved deep into the atom, into the very heart of matter, they unravelled nature's most shocking secrets. They had to abandon everything they believed in and create a whole new science, which today underpins the whole of physics, chemistry, biology and maybe even life itself. 'Atom' tells a story of great geniuses, people like Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg who were driven by their thirst for knowledge and glory. It's a story of false starts and conflicts, ambition and revelation, a story which leads us through some of the most exciting and exhilarating ideas ever conceived of by the human race.

Chapters: The Grand Search for the Secrets of Matter
-The Atom Has Structure
-The Quantum Nature of the Atom
-The Atom's Wave-like Nature
-The Dual Nature of the Atom
-The Uncertainty Principle

Guest List

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili Nuclear Physicst, Host, “The Atom”