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This edition: Playwright/Director (Fall 1992)

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 1, 1992.

The panelists - playwright Jon Robin Baitz (The End of the Day), playwright Charles Grodin (One of the All-Time Greats), director Mark Lamos (The End of the Day), playwright Ken Ludwig (Crazy For You, Lend Me A Tenor), director Tony Roberts (One of the All-Time Greats), choreographer Susan Stroman (Crazy For You), and International Creative Management Vice-President Victoria Traube - discuss how they got started and their common backgrounds as actors and lawyers, directing the work of living and dead playwrights, the development and journey for each of their shows, and the seamless collaboration the Crazy For You creative team achieved.

Guest List

Jon Robin Baitz Playwright

Charles Grodin Actor

Mark Lamos Director

Ken Ludwig Actor

Tony Roberts Actor

Susan Stroman Choreographer, Director

Victoria G. Traube