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This edition: Production: "The Lion King" (Spring 1998)

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 30, 1998.

The Lion King production team -- press representative Chris Boneau, composer Lebo M, advertising representative Rick Elice, producers Peter Schneider and Thomas Schumacher, and director, costume and mask designer Julie Taymor -- talk about the development of the animated film, the subsequent development of the theatrical show led by Taymor's vision, forming a creative design team, merging Western and African music into a unique collaborative sound, the publicity and advertising challenges, and marketing a nearly sold-out show for a long run.

Guest List

Chris Boneau Marketing Agent

Theodore Chapin Moderator

Nancy Coyne CEO, Serino Coyne

Eric Elice Advertising Representative, Serino Coyne

Peter Schneider Producer, The Walt Disney Company

Thomas Schumacher Producer, Disney Theatrical Group

Julie Taymor Director, Designer

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