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This edition: Playwright/Director/Choreographer (Spring 1999)

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 29, 1999.

In this edition, the panel speaks to the issue of how their involvement in the theatre begins and what substantiates their individual work ethic. The guests discuss the various ways in which playwrights and directors get together to work on a production.

The panel -- director Scott Ellis (That Championship Season), director Robert Falls (Death of a Salesman), playwright David Marshall Grant (Snakebit), director/choreographer Robert Longbottom (The Scarlet Pimpernel), playwright Paul Rudnick (The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told), and director John Tillinger (Night Must Fall) -- discuss working with rewrites, revisions and multiple versions of a script, the playwright's input during rehearsals, and the role of a dramaturg.

Guest List

Theodore Chapin Moderator

Scott Ellis Director

Robert Falls Director

David Marshall Grant Playwright

Robert Longbottom Director/ Choreographer

Paul Rudnick Playwright

John Tillinger Director