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This edition: Playwright/Director (Fall 1987)

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 1, 1987.

The panel - director Melvin Bernhardt (The Beach House), playwright Alice Childress (Moms), director Walter Dallas (Moms), playwright Nancy Donohue (The Beach House), playwright Patrick Meyers (K2), and director Terry Schreiber (K2) - talk about where they started, how many acted before writing and directing, the relationship between directors and playwrights, developing a show particularly out-of-town, the challenges of casting a play, and the collaboration amongst actors, directors, and authors.

Guest List

Melvin Bernhardt Director

Alice Childress Actress

Walter Dallas

Nancy Donohue Actress

Patrick Meyers Writer

Terry Schreiber Artistic Director, T. Schreiber Studio