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This edition: Production: "Grey Gardens" (Fall 2006)

Episode Details

Original tape date: December 3, 2006.

The "Grey Garden"'s creative team, Scott Frankel (composer), Michael Korie (lyricist) and Doug Wright (book writer) discuss the genesis of this new, highly acclaimed Broadway musical - why they chose this "cult" documentary to be the basis for a musical; how they all came together as collaborators; and what it took to make these characters "sing". Later in the show the stars Erin Davie, Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson join director Michael Greif to talk about how they worked together to inhabit the "Edies", as well as their personal connections with the characters in the piece.

Guest List

Erin Davie Actress

Christine Ebersole Actress

Scott Frankel Composer

Sue Frost Producer

Michael Greif Artistic Director

Michael Korie Writer

Mary Louise Wilson Actor

Doug Wright Librettist

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