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This edition: New Writers, New Musicals: The 2009 Jonathan Larson® Grants

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 6, 2009.

Our guests -2009 Jonathan Larson Grant® recipients Mark Allen, Dave Malloy, Thomas Mizer and Curtis Moore -tell us what these Grants and others mean to them and their work; how they became involved in musical theatre; the programs and workshops that helped their work move forward; what parameters they work within when writing for musical theatre; how much license they give to others to interpret their work; what they do to sustain themselves financially while pursuing their musical passion; dealing with the business aspects of writing and composing; and what Broadway represents for them.

Guest List

Mark Allen Composer

Theodore Chapin Moderator

Dave Malloy Composer/Lyricist

Thomas Mizer Songwriter

Curtis Moore Songwriter

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