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This edition: The Vocabulary of Dance: Choreographers 2010

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 8, 2010.

First aired: October 31, 2010.

Our panel of choreographers - Christopher Gattelli, Liza Gennaro, Ken Roberson and Sergio Trujillo - discuss their childhood and early adult life and how it influenced their start in dance; the amount of research they do for each show; how choreography enhances a performance; the relationship between choreographers and directors; how recent TV programming has brought back an interest in dance, especially among young people; the difference between musical staging and choreography and preserving dance history for future audiences.

Guest List

Theodore Chapin Moderator

Christopher Gattelli Choreographer

Liza Gennaro Choreographer

Ken Roberson Choreographer

Sergio Trujillo Choreographer