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This edition: Unprecedented Politics: Dissecting The 2016 Presidential Primaries

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Episode Details

Original tape date: April 7, 2016.

First aired: April 18, 2016.

Panel: Anthony Salvanto, Director of Elections, CBS News; Harry Enten, Senior Political Writer, FiveThirtyEight; Joe Lenski, Executive Vice President, Edison Research. Moderated by Professor David Jones, Baruch College. The 2016 race for the Democratic and Republican Party a presidential nomination has surprised even the most seasoned political observers. Our panel of experts from the fields of polling and journalism are trying to make sense of what's happened so far, and provide clues for what to expect going forward.

Guest List

Harry Enten Senior Political Writer, FiveThirtyEight

Dr. David Jones Professor of Political Science, Baruch College/CUNY

Joe Lenski Executive Vice President, Edison Research

Anthony Salvanto Director of Elections, CBS News

Dr. Mitchel B. Wallerstein President, Baruch College/CUNY