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This edition: What is the impact of "#HashtagPolitics" on the 2016 presidential campaign?

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Episode Details

Original tape date: May 5, 2016.

First aired: May 16, 2016.

Featuring: Alan Rosenblatt, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy for turner4D; Valerie Streit, Digital Content and Audience Development Strategist for Google; Megan Liberman, Editor in Chief at Yahoo News. Moderated by Baruch College Professor Katherine Behar.

Called the "first social media election," the 2016 presidential campaign is unfolding in real time, through the use of hashtags and other new forms of political communication. This discussion with expert guests from top social media platforms and organizations uses the 2016 campaign as a lens to look at how social media is transforming contemporary politics and culture. Taped 5/5/2016. This event is part of the Campaign'16@Baruch series of events. 

Guest List

Katherine Behar Assistant Professor of New Media Arts, Baruch College/CUNY

Megan Liberman Editor in Chief, Yahoo News

Alan Rosenblatt Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy, turner4D

Valerie Streit Digital Content and Audience Development Strategist, Google