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This edition: What Facebook is Telling Politicians About You

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Original tape date: October 18, 2011.

First aired: October 19, 2011.

It’s the latest frontier of social media and politics—using social media data to understand, and influence, voters. Republican political strategist Patrick Ruffini of Engage joins us to explain. Then, the government may be accessing your email without your knowledge. It’s perfectly legal, thanks to a law called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Julia Angwin, Senior Technology Editor of The Wall Street Journal, talks about how the law came to be, and why it is in the news now. Usually the developed world advises the developing world on how to solve its problems. But what if things went the other way? Ghana Think Tank is a network of think tanks in places like Ghana, Cuba, and El Salvador that is taking on first world problems. And artist Michael Dinges brings the old art of scrimshaw to an entirely new medium—Apple laptops.

Guest List

Julia Angwin Senior Tech. Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Michael Dinges Artist

Christopher Robbins Founder, Ghana Think Tank

Patrick Ruffini Founder, Engage

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