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This edition: Designing Occupy Wall Street

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Original tape date: November 2, 2011.

First aired: November 2, 2011.

Occupy Design is putting together graphic designers with the Occupy Wall Street movement, helping to create images to solidify their message. Co-creator Jake Levitas will explain. Then “Spent,” a game that helps players experience what it’s like to be poor. Start-Up City takes a look at Guest Joshua Somers created a website that puts players together with pick-up basketball And Curate NYC, an annual art show that promotes the work of emerging artists.

Guest List

Alexa Balazs DateMySchool

Kate Fauvell

Jake Levitas OccupyDesign

Jean Meyer DateMySchool

Jenny Nicholson

Danny Simmons Rush Arts Gallery, Project Diversity in the Arts

Joshua Somers Indoor Hoops