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This edition: Obama's Urban Policy

Episode Details

Original tape date: February 29, 2012.

First aired: February 29, 2012.

An analysis of the successes and failures of President Obama's urban policy with the New York Observer's Matt Chaban and Julia Vitullo-Martin, Director of the Center for Urban Innovation. Then, our Planet White House series continues with a look at where climate change fits in the presidential contest. Joining us are William Solecki, Director of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, David Orr, Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College, and Cynthia Rosenzweig, Senior Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Finally, Dungeons & Dragons is thriving in the age of online gaming, and the company that makes it is seeking fans' input on the latest version. With us are Mike Mearls, Lead Developer of D & D, and John Gephart and Ken Breese, members of the NYC D & D Meetup.

Guest List

Eugenie Birch Chair, Urban Research and Education, University of Pennsylvania

Ed Blakely Director, U.S. Studies Center, University of Sydney

Ken Breese Member, NYC D&D Meetup, Digital Project Director, WW Norton & Co.

Matt Chaban Real Estate Editor, New York Observer

John Gephart Co-organizer, NYC D&D Meetup, Senior Web Developer, WebMediaBrands

Mike Mearls Lead Developer, Dungeons & Dragons

David Orr Author, Oberlin College

William Solecki Director, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities

Julia Vitullo-Martin Director, Center for Urban Innovation