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This edition: Syria and Iran in New York

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 5, 2012.

First aired: March 7, 2012.

A look at the local perspective on developments in the Middle East with journalist Omid Memarian and Sarab Al-Jijaki of the National Alliance for Syria. Then, hackNY, an annual fellowship program for young programmers looking to work in NYC. We talk to founders Chris Wiggins of Columbia and Evan Korth of NYU. And two apps that let you revisit memories on the web. Co-Founder Jonathan Wegener explains Timehop, an app that reminds you where you were in your social media life a year ago today. And Memolane—a website where you can view your on-line past over time. We speak with Co-Founder Eric Lagier.

Guest List

Sarab Al-Jijakli National Alliance for Syria

Danny Abdul Dayem Journalist

Mohamed T. Khairullah Mayor, Prospect Park, NJ

Evan Korth Organizer, hackNY, NYU

Eric Lagier Co-Founder & CEO, Memolane

Omid Memarian Journalist

Jonathan Wegener Co-Founder, Timeshop

Chris Wiggins Organizer, hackNY, Columbia University