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This edition: The E-Book Pricing Wars

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Original tape date: April 16, 2012.

First aired: April 18, 2012.

What's a fair price for an e-book? As the market for them grows, this battle is being fought ever more ferociously. The latest development--the DOJ has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly colluding with publishers to fix prices. Writer James Gleick, a representative of the Authors Guild, and Geoffrey Manne of the International Center for Law and Economics, join us to discuss. Then, two innovative sensors brought to you by local inventors will one day allow you to monitor the quality of your air and water. Joseph Saavedra of Air Quality Egg and Leif Percifeild of Don’t Flush Me tell us about their inventions. Next, recent legislation has opened the doors for the use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, in domestic air space. What are the implications for privacy and civil liberties? Catherine Crump of the ACLU and Harley Geiger of the Center for Democracy and Technology take on the issue. And finally, does a hot spring mean a hot summer? We’ll find out with Andrew Freedman of Climate Central.

Guest List

Catherine Crump ACLU

Andrew Freedman Senior Science Writer, Climate Central

Harley Geiger Policy Counsel, Center for Democracy & Technology

James Gleick Author

Geoffrey A. Manne Executive Director, Int’l Center for Law & Economics

Leif Percifield The Public Laboratory

Joseph Saavedra Developer, Air Quality Egg

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