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This edition: Flame Wars

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Original tape date: June 4, 2012.

First aired: June 6, 2012.

It was a big week in the world of cyberwarfare. A New York Times report revealed that the US was behind the Stuxnet virus, which took out nuclear facilities in Iran. And Iranian authorities reported that a new virus, called Flame, was clandestinely collecting information from that nation's computer systems. Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr and Ars Technica Security Editor Dan Goodin help us understand just what's going on. Then, New York Times National Correspondent Amy Harmon on the battle raging over labeling foods that contain genetically-modified ingredients. A look at a simple but effective new educational concept--the flipped classroom--with chemistry teacher Jon Bergmann, one of the founders of the Flipped Learning Network. And Activist New York, an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, with Sarah Henry, Deputy Director of the Museum.

Guest List

Jon Bergmann Founder, Flipped Learning Network

Jeffrey Carr Founder & CEO, Taia Global Inc.

Dan Goodin Security Editor, Ars Technica

Amy Harmon National Correspondent, The New York Times

Sarah Henry Curator, Activist New York , Museum of the City of New York

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