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This edition: Opening Facebook Up to Kids

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Original tape date: June 11, 2012.

First aired: June 13, 2012.

On the hunt for new revenue streams in the wake of its IPO, Facebook is developing ways to open up the site to kids under 13. Wall Street Journal reporter Anton Troianovski looks at the perils and possibilities. Then, the non-profit New Immigrant Community Empowerment has developed a comc book to help new immigrants avoid scams. The group's Executive Director, Valeria Treves, explains how it works. The Sunlight Foundation works to promote political transparency, and they've developed two new tools to do it. Politwoops archives politicians' deleted tweets. Scout keeps you informed about what Congress is doing, focused on any subject you choose. Tom Lee, Director of Sunlight Labs, walks us through both. And Emily Books, a new subscription service for e-books, sends you a new book selected by its founders each month. Co-founder Emily Gould explains how the service works and how they choose what books to include.

Guest List

Peter-Jan Celis Founder,

Emily Gould Co-Founder, Emily Books

Tom Lee Director, Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Foundation

Valeria Treves Executive Director, New Immigrant Community Empowerment

Anton Troianovski Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

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