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This edition: Where's Gitmo?

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 15, 2012.

First aired: October 17, 2012.

After a decade, Gitmo has few prisoners but is still with us and somehow, this central moral issue of the last presidential campaign is near absent in this election. We explore why with director of the Immigrant & Refugee Rights Clinic at the City University of New York Ramzi Kassem. He is joined by 'Gitmo Files' author Andy Worthington and CUNY Law School graduate Erin Herro. Then, cultural anthropologist and author Prof. Thomas Barfield gives us insight into the Taliban and the Afghan war at a depth debates never get to. Next, we hear from Electronic Frontier Foundation activism director Rainey Reitman on why the senate is examining the “information brokers” who market your internet habits. And finally, we recognize a milestone: a local 70s incubator for documentary filmmakers, still zooming after all these years. Joining us is Downtown Community Television founder Jon Alpert, along with filmmaker Jasmine Barclay.

Guest List

Jon Alper Founder, Downtown Community Television

Jasmine Barclay Filmmaker, Downtown Community Television

Thomas Barfield Author, Afghanistan: A Cultural & Political History

Erin Herro Lawyer, CUNY School of Law

Ramzi Kassem Associate Professor, CUNY School of Law

Rainey Reitman Activism Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Andy Worthington Author, The Guantánamo Files

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