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This edition: Black Friday Protest Update

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Original tape date: November 26, 2012.

First aired: November 28, 2012.

This year’s ‘Black Friday’, saw protests at Wal-Marts in 100 cities coast to coast that included workers along with supporters. Joining us to discuss via Skype from Chicago, Kim Bobo, executive director of Interfaith Workers Justice and author of Wage Theft in America. With us as well: a key organizer of the strikes, a founder of Our-Walmart, Walmart retail worker, Cindy Murray. Cindy joins us via Skype from Maryland.

Next, a video primer on New York’s minimum wage from Greg David, director of the Business & Economics Reporting program at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Then, wage effects. According to one local study, retail employees are working fewer and less predictable hours now due to computerized scheduling. Another recent report goes against the common wisdom that higher wages would kill businesses and hike prices for
consumers. Here to explain, Catherine Ruetschlin, a policy analyst with DEMOS, the progressive think-tank. She wrote the just released report, “Retail’s Hidden Potential: How Raising Wages Would Benefit Workers, the Industry and the Overall Economy.” Carrie Gleason is executive director of the Retail Action Project, RAP, which advocates on behalf of New York city’s retail workers.

Next, the company Makerbot recently opened the world's first 3D printer retail store, right here in Manhattan. Founded three years ago in the Brooklyn hacker space, NYC Resistor, Makerbot is leading a revolution in small scale manufacturing. We dropped by their press event to take a look.

According to industry experts, retailers do lose big to theft, even Kayaks, and it all adds up to an estimated $30 billion dollars lost to shoplifting each year. Who is doing all that heavy lifting? What does widespread shoplifting tell us about our values? Why risk one&rsq
uo;s freedom? Joining us via Skype from Chicago, Rachel Shteir, author of “The Steal: a Cultural History of Shoplifting”.

Finally, we are joined by, Bill Talen, who inhabits the character of Reverend Billy. He preaches a broad message of economic justice, environmental protection and anti-militarism - all in The Church of Stop Shopping.

Guest List

Kim Bobo Executive Director, Interfaith Workers Justice

Greg David Columnist, Crain’s New York Business

Carrie Gleason Executive Director, Retail Action Project (RAP)

Catherine Ruetschlin Policy Analyst, Demos

Rachel Shteir Author, The Steal (forthcoming)

Rev. Billy Talen