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This edition: Obamacare Rollout

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Original tape date: February 4, 2013.

First aired: February 6, 2013.

In about eight months, 2.5 million uninsured New Yorkers will be able to shop for health care coverage set to begin next January. But how will that work exactly? Yes, Obamacare is legal, but it’s still sparking controversy even as it’s being ramped up here and across the country. Barbara Glickstein and Elisabeth Ryden Benjamin tell Brian what to expect this fall. Glickstein co-directs Hunter College’s Center for Health, Media and Policy and Benjamin is vice president of health initiatives at the Community Service Society. She also co-founded the Health Care for All New York campaign, a coalition group organizing for Obamacare.

Radical mastectomy or lumpectomy? A new study suggests many women would live just as long, maybe longer, choosing the less radical surgery that conserves the breast. But is this true? Brian finds out from medical historian, Barron Lerner, MD, author of, “The Breast Cancer Wars,” and radiation oncology chair, Silvia Formenti, MD, both, of NYU Langone Medical Center.

Finally, pirates and pioneers of the Internet are breaking open the museums of the world. Whose Mona Lisa is it anyway?

Guest List

Elisabeth Ryden Benjamin Vice President, Health Initiatives, Community Service Society

Seb Chan Director, Digital & Emerging Media, Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Dr. Silvia Formenti Chair, Radiation Oncology, NYU Langone Medical Center

Pete Forsyth Principal, Wiki Strategies Consulting

Barbara Glickstein Co-Director, Center for Health, Media & Policy, Hunter College

Barron Lerner, MD, PhD Faculty, Div of Medical Humanities, NYU Langone Medical Center