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This edition: If Mayors Ruled the World

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Original tape date: February 14, 2013.

First aired: February 20, 2013.

Political theorist Benjamin Barber argues that cities around the world, including New York, are doing a better job than sovereign nation states at addressing problems and cooperating across borders. Barber, author of “If Mayors Ruled the World,” is senior research scholar at The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise resignation sets up a struggle for succession involving values, morals and more. Brian looks at the future of the Catholic church with Sister Camille D’Arienzo, former president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and every Sunday for the past 40 years, a religious commentator on 1010 WINS radio; Tim Reidy, digital editor of America magazine and, via Skype, David Gibson. He’s national correspondent for Religion News Service and author of, “The Rule of
Benedict: Pope Benedict XVI and his Battle with the Modern World.”

Finally, make room for the next generation: winning designs for even smaller—but, maybe better—apartments in New York City.

Guest List

Dr. Benjamin R. Barber Senior Research Scholar, The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Sister Camille D'Arienzo Sister of Mercy, Professor Emerita, TV and Radio, Brooklyn College

David Gibson National Correspondent, Religion News Service

Mimi Hoang Partner, nARCHITECTS

Timothy Reidy Digital Editor, America Magazine

Sarah Watson Deputy Director, Citizen Housing Planning Council