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This edition: Climate Change: People Power vs The Power of Money

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Original tape date: February 25, 2013.

First aired: February 27, 2013.

Climate change and the Keystone XL Pipeline drew 40,000 demonstrators to the National Mall this February. Some chained themselves to the White House gate. Many were arrested. Brian speaks with protest leader and member of an emerging generation of environmental activists, Phil Aroneanu. He co-founded with Bill McKibben. Also, environmental correspondent for the UK-based Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg joins BL.Tv via Skype to discuss her recent investigation into Donor’s Trust.

US-based cyber-security firm Mandiant released evidence that the Chinese military has been behind hacking on U.S. corporations over the past several years. Is it only a matter of time before key infrastructure, like the electrical grid, becomes vulnerable? BL.Tv hosts Steve Rosenbush, editor of the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal and, computer security expert, Bruce Schneier.

Many traditionally black neighborhoods—Harlem, or other neighborhoods like Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant—are now, noticeably mixed residential oases. Some take these changes for granted but, they were not always predicted. Brian looks back with sociologists John Mollenkopf, director of the Center for Urban Research and distinguished professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, and Sharon Zukin. With joint appointments at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center, Zukin is the author of, “Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places.”

Can Oscar winners give us clues into the era we live in? For 33 years, guest Jim Hoberman was senior film critic for the Village Voice and is the author of, “Film after Film: Or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema?” Joining him is Lisa Schwarzbaum, a former movie critic for Entertainment Weekly.

Guest List

Phil Aroneanu U.S. Campaign Director,

Suzanne Goldenberg U.S. Environment Correspondent, The Guardian

J. Hoberman Author , Film After Film: Or, what became of 21st Century Cinema?

John Mollenkopf Director of the Center for Urban Research, CUNY Graduate Center

Steve Rosenbush Deputy Editor, CIO Journal,

Bruce Schneier Author, Schneier on Security

Lisa Schwarzbaum Film Critic

Sharon Zukin Author, Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places

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