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This edition: The Crime Numbers Debate

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Original tape date: March 4, 2013.

First aired: March 6, 2013.

Segment 1
BL.Tv introduces a new, somewhat regular, series, “Public Intellectual,” a deep dive into the research that can affect our lives and politics. Guest, NYU professor and mathematician David Greenberg analyzes precinct-level data in a new article in the journal, “Justice Quarterly,” and arrives at a surprising result: NYPD policies, including COMPSTAT and stop-and-frisk, have had little to do with New York City’s extraordinary 20-year crime drop. The concurrent explosion of the misdemeanor justice system over the same period is the subject of guest and NYU PhD candidate, Issa Kohler-Haussman’s research. She tracks first-time misdemeanor arrests over 9 years and finds, contrary to Giuliani administration policies, less than 4% of 40,000 first-timers ever graduated to felony crime convictions. But Kohler-Haussman asks, what happened t
o the rest?

Segment 2
Will eating like an Athenian lead to longer life? From health benefits to the cost to consumers of all that olive oil, Brian’s guests evaluate the new Spanish study of the Mediterranean Diet—and its media coverage. Kevin Lomangino of and editor-in-chief of Clinical Nutrition Insight joins Heather Greenlee, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology and medical oncology, Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Segment 3
Bill Gates has long funded designers of a safe nuclear reactor. Guests Robert Hargraves and Jim Riccio debate whether it’s long past time to give nukes a second chance. Hargraves is the author of “Thorium: Energy Cheaper Than Coal,” and Riccio is nuclear policy analyst for Greenpeace.

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Guest List

David Greenberg Prof. of Sociology , New York University

Heather Greeniee Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Robert Hargraves Author, Thorium: Energy Cheaper Than Coal

Issa Kohler-Hausmann PhD candidate, sociology, New York University

Kevin Lomangino Reviewer,

Jim Riccio Nuclear Policy Analyst, Greenpeace

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